Top Promo Model Websites 2017

1.jpgTwo of the crucial factors of an effective marketing technique are conventions and tradeshows, which make sure your target clients know your brand exists. Trade shows draw in many people, including your current clients and even potential ones. In these events, it is easier to engage them and show why your product is a must-buy.

The only problem is that you’re in a large loud convention center or events space with anywhere from thirty to three hundred other vendors who are all trying to attract attention to their products and services as well. For most of the people who attend these events, it can be a bit of overwhelming and at the end of the day, you really need to find a way to stand out and make the type of impact that sets you apart from the crowd.

Ideal way to plan

Since you have an opportunity to engage your market and try to make them your patrons, making a good impression is fundamental. Even if your current market is firmly within your grasps, it is vital to learn about prior events and know if you will be up to something good. While some conventions may only host a few dozen booth and have attendance in the triple digits, others can be several times larger. Consider this if you are planning to do promotional giveaways or similar things so you don’t have to worry about losing potential clients because you run out of the things to give.

Follow a proper dress code

While you might wear a suit and tie to work every day, these conventions are often a bit more relaxed and this means that you still want to look good without being overdressed for the audience. This doesn’t mean that you don’t want to look sharp, it means that you should use it as another way to market your product and create a brand association. A simple polo shirt with your logo is yet another subtle reminder and it also gives the staff an appearance of unity which gives your business just a bit more professional credibility and makes it much easier for customers to know who’s a member of the team.

Getting the Ideal Workers

Conventions are also advantageous in a way that you don’t need to be on attendance to promote your product. For example, the target market of a custom plastic bag supplier was initially the foodservice industry. But since many states have accepted the use of Cannabis, he decided to set a new strategy. This market now accounts for 70% of his overall sales and he’s often too busy to attend every festival or convention that he would like to.

Businesses may hire a company that can represent their identities and brands because this option can offset the travel and lodging costs incurred in these events, thus paying itself in the process.

With these agencies, you won’t have a problem hiring the ideal staff for your brand as well as entertaining your clients and establishing your booth because they can do them all for you. The questions is, do you have what it takes to reach out to your clients effectively? With the help of these agencies, you will have the right people to interact with your audience.


Don’t just tell your customers how amazing your product or service is, let them experience it directly. When people are at conventions they are often overwhelmed with sights and sounds but by giving them something that they are able to hold and directly experience, you’re going to make sure that they stay at your booth a lot longer allowing you to answer their questions and address their concerns. The reason why people attend conventions is to try out most recent and innovative products. So if you want to give them what they are looking for and increase the chance of your product being bought, don’t just show them some visual presentations, let them borrow your product.

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Location location location

If you register to convenient earlier, there’s a higher chance that you get the ideal location on the venue. If this is the case, make the most of it to avoid getting lost in the crowd. So what is the best location at an event like this? You have a lot of answers you can get from this question. While it might seem logical to have your booth at the very front entrance so it’s the first thing that people will see when they walk in, they will often end up overlooking you as they start to take in everything else. It is best to be located near the stage or bathrooms because this is where people wait in line to hear someone speak in front of the crowd, which means they can have the opportunity to visit your booth.

Be loud

This doesn’t mean to be obnoxious, it means that you really need to speak louder in order to be heard over the rest of the crowd. Doing this might be hard if you are a shy person, especially in front of the crowd. If this is your case, you should do something to take away your shyness. If you really want you and your product to be heard and noticed at the event, most especially if it’s the best one out there, you need to have confidence in speaking about it properly and clearly.

The other thing that you need to be aware of are the selling points. A person walking up to your booth may only stay for thirty seconds and this should be enough time to convince them to stay a little longer and learn more about your company and why your products and services are important to them. Be informative in answering their question and don’t rush in providing them all the information.

Aside from clarity, tone and volume of your voice, there is another important factor that will either capture the attention of other people or not – the way your booth is set up. Use bright colors that catch the eye as well as a large, easy to read banner or sign that lets you be seen.

Just remember two things: avoid looking desperate or cheap and little things often make great contributions.

Avoid acting like a salesman

Many people consider salesmen annoying and the last person they want to see during conventions. People don’t want to be pressured into buying and just prefer to enjoy the whole event. Everything from your booth to your flyers and brochures to your product seems in order. The next part is relax and try not to scare passersby away. Going overboard on your sales pitch is very likely if you are a newcomer because you get overexcited about stuff. Stop thinking about your sales pitch and start thinking about talking to your potential customers the way you talk to your friends about a product you can’t wait to have.

Some of you might remember the movie “Tommy Boy” in which Chris Farley’s character is struggling with his sales pitch and getting met with rejection until he has a revelation and learns to be himself and saves the company. When you entertain people, they will know if you are just acting or genuine. While you still want to remain professional, when dealing with clients one on one at events such as these, it’s often better to take a softer, more relaxed approach and not have them feel pressured. You should consider people coming at your booth as friends, not someone who can help increase your sales. In this way, they can be more responsive.

Contest Hosting

These events have plenty of sights and activities to expect and if you succeed in making a good impression from your potential clients, get them buying your product by holding contents. By doing so, your customer will have a reason to check your company and what you offer next time. It is even preferable if you require them to provide their email on the entry form so you can simply mail them if you have a great product to offer.

If you will be participating in a convention that will last for three days, it would be great if you will launch three contests and one contest that rewards the grand prize. You may also host interactive games and include your product in them. Some may find these things annoying but these types of activities have contributed a lot to event management companies. When these companies make a promotion, they make sure that it is brand-specific, unique and more effective than a sales pitch and a flyer.

Create Videos that Promote Your Product

A simple ad that features your product and logo on a monitor can give people a little bit more eye candy and is yet another way you can show off what you have to offer. While not all types of businesses can do a live demo of their service during a convention, a video can be a short, concise and entertaining way to allow people a much better idea of what exactly it is that you have to offer. The video should also have subtitles so people can get the information easily using your eyes instead of struggling to hear the sound coming from the speaker.

Give freebies

Everyone loves free stuff and if it’s something that people will use and it also happens to have your logo and contact info on it, everyone wins. The key to giveaways like this is you want to give people something they want and will use that also has a logical tie into your brand or product. For instance, giving free frisbees would make sense for sellers of active wear but not for vendors of Holiday decorations. Nevertheless, a small LED Keychain would be ideal for them.

Effective advertising usually have the subtle way of engaging and convincing the audience that the product or service in front of them is something they want or need. Giving a simple plastic keychain to each and every individual you interact with throughout the day will remind them afterwards that they should know more about you by visiting your website, and possibly purchase your product at the same time.

Gain connections

At conventions, you can promote your products directly and even interact with other names in the market. Sometimes, other vendors can be beneficial to you aside from being your competition. Other people in the industry can be tremendous sources of advice and guidance and have often been in your position. Conventions are also a place where you can start to build strong relationships with other businesses aside from being a way for consumers to find new and innovative products or services. You can try visiting other booths and interact with them so you can gain many different insights.

Enjoy the event

Doing this will allow you to ensure your business success while you’re at a convention. Look calm and relaxed in the eyes of your customers even though there are troubles and demanding tasks along the way. They come to such event to have some fun and you shouldn’t be an exception. View these events like a party and know that if you’re having a good time and enjoying yourself, the attendees will feel it and be more likely to engage and interact with you. Make sure to have an exciting and interesting booth, not some tables full of flyers.